A century ago women were the rising stars of European football. Featured in newsreels, newspapers and magazines their matches drew big crowds. Then the British and Continental Football Authorities banned female teams, systematically excluding them from the sport for decades. Today football commands more followers than any religion. A multibillion-dollar industry it is also the premiere global spectacle of our age. In this field of giants a small semi-professional club has mounted a challenge to the soccer establishment: in 2017 Lewes Football Club became the first on the planet to pay their women players the same as their men. Newly promoted to the Women’s Super League, Lewes FC women will be playing against some of the biggest clubs in football. As commercial interests wake up to the untapped potential of women’s sport, Reds follows the fortunes of the team through the highs and lows of the 2018/19 season and explores the lives of the players who have carved a place for themselves in the world game. 

Reds is a feature documentary for cinema. Filming started in May 2018 and finishes in September 2019.